Royalty Free Stock Animal Clipart by Dero

  1. Happy and Cute Blue Eyed Male Lion Washing His Mane with Shampoo
  2. Bad Tempered Tiger Roaring, on a Dark Background with Orange Lighting
  3. Friendly Tiger Washing His Mane with Shampoo
  4. Cute Nurse Tiger Holding a Thermometer
  5. Drunken Tiger Dancing and Holding a Glass of Champagne at a Party
  6. Cute Goofy Leopard Bending Forward and Pointing to the Left with Both Hands
  7. Nervous Leopard Cat Eying His Goal While Preparing to Do the Pole Vault
  8. Cute Artistic Leopard Laying on His Belly and Coloring with a Green Crayon
  9. Smiling Goofy Leopard Twisting His Torso While Dancing
  10. Spotted Leopard Pointing and Directing Left
  11. Happy and Cute Leopard Sitting on the Ground with His Knees up
  12. Happy but Tired Leopard Student Sitting Atop a Stack of Folders of Homework
  13. Cute Adorable Leopard with Big Eyes
  14. Cute Friendly Leopard in a Tank Top, Running with a Beach Umbrella
  15. Cute Friendly Leopard Giving a Blue and Purple Present
  16. Cute Giggly Leopard Holding up a Hand and Leaning Back
  17. Cute Relaxing Leopard Leaning Back and Clasping His Hands Together
  18. Cute Yellow Eyed Male Lion Washing His Mane with Shampoo on White
  19. Mean Blue Eyed Lioness Walking Forward on White
  20. Cute and Stressed Lion King in a Crown, Holding a Pencil and Touching His Face
  21. Scared or Nervous Little Lion on White
  22. Mean Lion Bullying a Monkey, Holding Him up by Suspenders and Carrying Him
  23. Grinning Alert Cougar Pirate or Hunter Wearing a Bandana and Holding a Gun
  24. Cute Smokey Gray Cat Walking Forward
  25. Friendly Spotted Cat Carrying a Blue Marker
  26. Cute Beige Cat with Black Spots, Lifting Its Paw and Laughing
  27. Cute Brown Cat Poking His Cheek with a Green Color Pencil
  28. Cat Holding His Front Arms up
  29. Cat Playing with a Ball of Purple Yarn
  30. Cute Blue Cat Wearing a Red Ribbon
  31. Stubborn Tiger Striped Kitty Cat Sitting with Folded Arms
  32. Lineart Cat Scaring a Dog